We are now accepting workshop proposals for the 2019 Beyond School Time Conference. 
We are looking for workshops based on Youth Development philosophy.

Submit a Workshop Proposal

The deadline to submit presenter proposals is May 31, 2019.


You will receive a confirmation from us letting you know that we have received your proposal within 24 hours of submitting it.


Presenters whose proposals have been accepted will be paid a stipend for their workshop. Presenters will also receive free access to the conference.


Contact our Presenter Team at

2019 Conference Presenters

Presenter Responsibilities

If your workshop is accepted, we will expect you to agree to the following:

High Quality Presentations

Provide us an electronic copy of your workshop handout(s) and Powerpoint presentation by July 1st.


Please plan to provide your own printed handouts and materials.

Products / Services

If representing a product or service, you may not actively solicit sales during your presentation.


Special equipment requests will be provided, if possible, please specify needs in your proposal.


We will publicize your workshop and expertise via emails, website, social media and our conference program. You will be asked to provide a headshot and biography.


Workshop attendees will be asked to complete assessments before they leave your presentation. You will be provided copies before you leave the conference.

Send us your workshop idea …

Additional Questions

Need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Can I choose the day I present?

You are welcome to request that you present on a specific day.  However, please note that limited availability may adversely impact the acceptance of your proposal if we run out of time on that particular day.

What if I also want to be an exhibitor?

Please apply separately for workshop proposals and exhibitor space.

What if I have workshop changes?

Presenter and/or workshop topic changes will require a new workshop proposal to be submitted. Any other change requests can be made by contacting us at . Changes may not be able to be accomodated if it is too close to the conference date.

Presenter Costs

The main workshop presenter will be paid a stipend upon workshop completion. Presenters also receive free access to the conference. We aren’t able to pay for travel, accomodations, materials or other conference costs.

Can I promote my organization or sell products during my workshop?

All workshops are expected to be informational and educational. Presenters are not allowed to actively sell products or services during their workshop. Attendees can voluntarily provide their contact information to presenters.

Can you provide Audio Video equipment or Internet access?

Upon request, we will provide a flip chart, markers, extension cord, and skirted table at no charge.  Microphone and speakers will also be provided if needed for the size of the room you are presenting in. LCD projectors, screens and basic Internet access will be available per prior request. 

Will there be workshop evaluations and feedback?

Yes! Attendees will be asked to complete a short evaluation at the end of your workshop. Your room host will collect them and will provide copies to the main presenter. Presenter scores will be considered when reviewing workshop proposal acceptance at future conferences.

Will I have a room host?

Volunteers will provide room host duties in each workshop room. Room hosts will work with you to make sure that everything is set up and working correctly before your workshop begins. They will help presenters and attendees communicate any additional needs they might have. Room hosts will also collect evaluations and let attendees know if workshop rooms have filled up. 

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