Who We Are

Education Matters is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to supporting students and out-of-school time professionals by providing resources and opportunities for education, empowerment, and career support. We are committed to quality out-of-school time care and a professionalized, sustainable workforce.

We are teachers, out-of-school professionals, production professionals and parents who are coming together to transform what is possible for students and teachers in our communities.

We focus on Youth Development philosophy in our programs and our annual conference.


We created individual tutoring programs in Wisconsin and collaborations to train students to be leaders who make the world a better place to learn, live and work.


We have worked closely with teachers in Arizona and out-of-school time professionals in California, learning what parents and teachers are dealing with and getting a chance to practice new ideas and hone existing ones.


We partnered with parents in out-of-school time programs, sports organizations and homeschool environments, learning how to create teams in the home, school and out-of-school experience to further positive student development.